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How we charge for House Cleaning Service

We offer flat fee pricing for clients that desire recurring service either weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks or every 4 weeks.

For first time cleanings and cleanings that are over 4 weeks apart we charge by the hour.  We have minimum hourly charges based on the size and type of the home.

To figure out how much time our housekeepers will need to clean your home we start by determining whether you want your entire home cleaned or just specific rooms cleaned. Then we try to determine the current state (condition) of your home and how many pieces of furniture and knickknacks you have in the areas of your home that you want cleaned.  Based on the information given to us we can give you an estimate as to how long the initial by the hour cleaning may take and then what our flat fee charge would be for recurring service.

First time cleanings often require additional time.  So what if your house is not up to the standards you would normally keep it, and you are concerned how long the by the hour cleaning will take? No problem! Just have a priority list for the housekeeper and put a cap on the number of hours that you want to pay for.  Our housekeepers do work efficiently at a good pace and they are great communicators.

Again if you desire recurring service after the first initial cleaning we can provide a flat fee price for either weekly service, every 2 weeks service, every 3 weeks service or every 4 weeks service.  Flat fee recurring charges are based on frequency of service, size of the home and how much of the home the client wants cleaned.  Flat fee recurring charges are also based on the client having the home prepared prior to the housekeeper’s arrival.

The housekeepers do come prepared with everything to clean your home, however if you require certain products that our housekeepers don’t carry on them please have those products available for the housekeeper.

If you want your entire home to be cleaned please let us know how many bedrooms and bathrooms and the square feet under air (living square feet).   A good place to find the square feet of your home is at

Moving In or Moving Out?

Whether you are moving in or moving out we can handle all of your cleaning needs. We have specific cleaning packages designed to take care of everything that should be cleaned before you move into your new home – or if you are moving out. Please call us today for a detailed description of what is included.

Some of the additional services we offer are oven cleaning, fridge cleaning and interior window cleaning.  We do not offer steam cleaning of carpets.