Cleaning Services Prices

Orlando Cleaning Services PricesMaid Service & Cleaning Services Prices

If you are looking for recurring service we first begin with our free, no obligation “over the telephone” estimate. We’ll start by determining whether you want your entire home cleaned or just specific rooms cleaned.  Next, we’ll give you a price based on what you want cleaned and the frequency of service. 

If you want recurring service for your entire home, estimates are based on the ‘living square footage’ (under air).  A good place to find your home’s ‘living square footage’ is at

First time cleanings often require additional time therefore we do charge by the hour on first time cleanings.  So what if your house is not up to the standards you would normally keep it, and you are concerned how long the first cleaning will take? No problem! Just have a priority list for the housekeeper and put a cap on hours that you want to pay for.  Our housekeepers do work efficiently at good pace and they are great communicators.

 Moving In or Moving Out?

Whether you are moving in or moving out we can handle all of your cleaning needs. We have specific cleaning packages designed to take care of everything that should be cleaned before you move into your new home – or if you are moving out. Please call us today for a detailed description of what is included.

Some of the additional services we offer are oven cleaning, fridge cleaning and interior window cleaning.